LeBron James Confirms His Next Hollywood Project And It’s Not ‘Space Jam 3’

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is preparing for another Hollywood masterpiece. The four-time NBA champion has just finished his “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” and now he is off to a new project. The sequel saw huge success in the last couple of weeks and LeBron is really proud of it.

I guess he really liked the process. This made him work on another one. It’s time for another Hollywood jewel! LeBron seems to be doing an excellent job on the big screen. He likes the way things roll on set. Maybe this will be his post-basketball career.

LeBron James surprised Hollywood

The Lakers superstar is not only planning to put on a show with his team at Staples Center. He will also produce a new hoops-related Netflix project. Are you ready for “Rez Ball.”

Here’s what Mia Galuppo of the Hollywood Reporter wrote:

Rez Ball is described as Friday Night Lights meets Hoosiers. The story, according to the Lakers star’s project description, ‘follows the Chuska Warriors, a Native American high school basketball team from Chuska, New Mexico, that must band together after losing their star player if they want to keep their quest for a state championship alive. It’s an all-American underdog story about Navajo kids and coaches told from the inside-out.’”

LeBron was playing hoops with Bugs Bunny and he is now making a change. Lakers fans will definitely like the new project and we have a great feeling about this one. This may be a great heartwarming tale for all the young people out there. Young basketball players are looking up to LeBron. He has so much to offer right now and young people better follow his advice.

I mean, LeBron is the best basketball player of all time and he has earned a lot of money in his professional career.

LeBron is getting ready for his new season with the Lakers. He is entering his 19th season in the NBA and he will probably lead his team to the top in the league again. The Lakers signed some good players and LeBron is excited about the new opportunity.