Cam Newton Reveals What Gameday Outfit Would’ve Been If He Was Still a Patriot

Cam Newton has revealed what his gameday outfit would have been if he was still playing for the New England Patriots. Newton did not have a very good showing last season for the Patriots. As a result, he is no longer playing for the team. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones has taken over the offense. He played his first NFL game last week against the Miami Dolphins. His showing was average but nothing special. They are now looking to bounce back in week two against the Jets.

Cam Newton, however, took to Instagram to say some interesting things, including his outfit if he still played for the Patriots.

“I mean, this goes without saying, but this would’ve been my game day outfit,” he said. ” But … you know the story. But, one thing’s for sure, two things’s for certain: I’m blessed. Always gonna be blessed. And I’m fresh. Always gonna be fresh. And as I always say, one finger, one pinkie, one thumb, one love.”

“No team, no problem, but you still going to get this gleaming drip.”

Cam Newton Reveals What Gameday Outfit Would’ve Been If He Was Still a Patriot

Bill Belichick ended the relationship well with Newton, saying some nice things as he departed.

“I have nothing but positive thoughts and feelings for Cam,” Belichick said. “He came in here, he worked hard. He gave us everything he had. Right now, our future is going to be Mac at quarterback, and that is where we’re going to go.”

However, he also made it clear that the Patriots were moving on in the right direction.

“Again, last year was totally different, so I just feel like everybody’s way ahead of where they were last year. Certainly, he started at a much higher point than what he did last year, so definitely moving in the right direction.”

Cam Newton has always been a bit of a character. He did not have a good year last year and he was on his last leg as a result. But it was still fun to see him in the locker room. What do you think?