Jeanie Buss Received Major Advice From Kobe Bryant Before Pursuing LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers made a really big move a few seasons ago. They needed a superstar to save the team and Magic Johnson was of great help in the process. LA wanted one particular player and got him. Several reports suggest that Lakers owner Jeanie Buss got a big advice from Kobe Bryant and she went after LeBron James.

LeBron’s arrival to LA put an end to the drought. The team missed the playoffs in the first season, but they won a championship in the following year.

“I’ll tell you, when Jeanie Buss came to me and said, ‘I really want to go after [LeBron],’ I said, ‘Jeanie, he’s not coming here until you clean up this s— here’,” Kobe told Buss. “The last thing LeBron wants to do is come to an organization that has a lot of infighting, a lot of the stuff going on. Jeanie, it’s time for you to take ownership of this franchise. He’s not going to come if you don’t.”

Jeanie Buss took the advice from Kobe and signed LeBron

Buss go the best of Kobe’s advice. The front office wanted LeBron and Kobe helped them a lot.

The Lakers were huge. They had no problem winning the championship in the middle of the pandemic. Players built incredible chemistry on the floor and beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

Things turned upside down this past season. Anthony Davis and LeBron James missed a big chunk of the season due to their injuries. The team fell to the bottom of the conference and took part in the play-in tournament. Their hopes were shut down in the first round of the playoffs. The Phoenix Suns got the best of the game and celebrated a big win.

The front office rebuilt the roster and LeBron will share the court with a lot of new names in the 2021-22 NBA season. Russell Westbrook was the most important addition for the team and he will be the third superstar in the Big 3. Analysts have high expectations from the Lakers and players better meet these expectations.