LeBron James Hangs Out With Elton John in Italy

Greatness meets greatness! LeBron James and Elton John were spotted together and it seems like they had a really good time.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is in Italy and he is trying to get the best of his offseason. He works out, spends time for the family, and meets his new teammates. Well, it was time for a little time on his own and the king of basketball traveled all the way to Nerano.

The squad had a really good time when they came across the music legend. You don’t get to see Elton John every day. TMZ was among the first to share the big news.

LeBron James to exchange lessons of greatness with Elton John

Italy is brilliant and LeBron enjoys every bit of it. There are several videos from his little adventure. In one of these videos, LeBron drops the bars with Diddy. These two were listening to Drake’s new CLB album and LeBron used the opportunity to remind everyone that he raps like a star. He is a star after all.

LeBron will recharge his batteries during his trip with the buddies. He has to be 100% to lead the Los Angeles Lakers in the upcoming season. The team made a lot of changes in the offseason and LeBron will get to share the floor with a lot of new guys. Carmelo Anthony is one of them. LeBron will get to play with his dear friend for the first time in his career.

The Lakers look good at the moment and the front office will probably make a few more changes heading to the new season. A few names have popped on their list and Rob Pelinka is eyeing a few valuable players.

LeBron is fine with pretty much every move the front office made. He is leading the team to a win and luckily, LA brought some great guys in town. Let’s see how will they handle the pressure on the floor. Winning games is always easy if your name is LeBron. He will be working with an excellent group in 2021-22 too.