Look: Cameras Caught the Exact Moment Cam Newton Lost His Job to Mac Jones

The moment Cam Newton lost his job to Mac Jones went viral. I guess cameras caught the big moment. The New England Patriots cut Newton a few weeks before the regular season. This was the end to the quarterback battle in New England.

Newton’s destiny was sealed in the third preseason game against the New York Giants. The Patriots won the game, but Newton lost the job.

The 2015 NFL MVP lost his job following an interception. This helped Jones earned the job. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels noticed an improvement in Newton’s game, but he had to go. I guess Jones was a much better option than the veteran.

The moment Cam Newton lost his job with the Patriots

This video says it all. McDaniels pulls Newton to the sideline and tells him something. Newton was visibly disappointed. Well, he probably lost the final chance to be a starter in the NFL.

NFL analysts thought that Belichick would use Newton as a starter in the first few games of the season. Newton showed great performance in the preseason and most analysts were convinced that he would start games with the Patriots.

Players and coaches watched both quarterbacks play. Newton has so much to offer but he is way past his prime. Of course, he can take the leading role of any NFL team at any given point.

Why did the Patriots cut him? He is a real leader. Well, this interception “killed” his chance to make the top of the quarterback unit. Newton’s struggles to learn the rulebook played a big role too. That’s what Rob Ninkovich said. He cited sources close to the team and explained that Jones actually helped his older teammate cope with the system.

Belichick is pretty impressed with Jones. The rookie had better performance than any other quarterback in his class. The Patriots played wisely and got an excellent quarterback.

They don’t have a backup though. The team worked out a few players, including one quarterback. They may have found a backup quarterback for their starter. Let’s see what happens in Week 1.