LeBron James Delivers Adorable Message to Bronny For His 17th Birthday

Bronny James is 17 and his famous father delivered a big message for his birthday. I mean, LeBron James can’t believe his boy is 17! Kids grow up so fast!

October 6 is a big day for the James household and they have a huge reason to celebrate.

King James took to his Instagram to share some cool pics of his oldest son and the caption says it all. LeBron can’t believe his son is 17. He is really proud of Bronny and really enjoys watching him grow into a young man. It was a sweet message and LeBron couldn’t hide his love and support for Bronny. He is proud of the kid and Bronny makes him really happy.

LeBron, Savannah wished Bronny a happy birthday

Savannah delivered a similar message.  Her baby boy grows up and he is already a young man.

“I can’t believe you are 17,” Savannah wrote. “But I’m so happy that you are growing into the amazing young man you are. You make me so happy, I’m so proud of you and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! I love you beyond words!”

The kid is really talented

Bronny is on a good way to gain the same success as his father. He had his first Sports Illustrated cover like LeBron and basketball scouts like what they see. The talented basketball player has attracted the attention of many scouts. We can already see Bronny play for a big team, just like his dad.

LeBron is proud of his son but he regrets giving his son his own name. Being LeBron James is really hard and a lot of people will compare Bronny to his dad. This comparison will follow him to the rest of his life. Everyone will have huge expectations from him. Maybe this will add an unwanted pressure to his NBA career.

For now, Bronny will just enjoy his time on and off the basketball court. He works really hard to make the top of the NBA. The young king won’t give up without a good fight. It’s showtime!