Magic Johnson Admits Biggest LeBron James Regret as Lakers President

The Los Angeles Lakers got LeBron James for a reason. They needed a strong leader to lead the storied franchise. The front office needed someone who’d be a real leader. LA didn’t win a lot following Kobe Bryant’s retirement, and LeBron seems to be the right leader for the team. Magic Johnson played huge role in LeBron James’ signing, and but he still has one major regret.

The former Lakers president decided to leave his position in LA. Many talked about the alleged tension between him and General Manager Rob Pelinka. Of course, Magic Johnson didn’t say a word. He just left the organization. It’s not like he left them completely. He follows every move the Lakers make. The team could really use some of his experience and the NBA legend always has great recommendations for the front office.

Magic Johnson opens up about his regret

Leaving the Lakers came like a big shock for each and every fan in LA. LeBron was shocked, too. That’s what Magic Johnson regrets the most. He didn’t talk to LeBron and team owner Jeanie Buss. He just announced his resignation.

“The only thing I probably would’ve did was probably talked to LeBron before I stepped down, because I felt that I owed him that, so that’s probably the only mistake I made was not talking to Jeanie and talking to LeBron before I actually did it,” Johnson said. “So, yes, I would do that different.”

Maybe he felt bad because LeBron came to LA during his time with the team. Johnson did his best to get the four-time NBA champion on his roster. He was supposed to be honest, but things took a different route.

LeBron didn’t win a ring in his first season with the team and missed a lot of time due to his groin injury. He took the team to the NBA Finals in his second year and the Lakers won the championship. His third year was bad as both LeBron and Anthony Davis suffered injuries. Let’s see what happens this season. LeBron is healthy and he is ready to win.