Mic’d-Up Video Show Tom Brady Embracing Mac Jones, Other Patriots

The New England Patriots lost the game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but Tom Brady enjoyed embracing Patriots players. Of course, he and head coach Bill Belichick shared a short embrace on the football field. Everyone watched Brady’s reaction to Mac Jones, and yes, these two shared an embrace, too.

Tom Brady will never stop embracing his Patriots teammates

The first rounder didn’t share much info about his postgame convo with the former Patriots quarterback. That’s what makes this mic’d video so special. Jones is probably the best replacement the Patriots could have ever get for Brady. The greatest quarterback of all time left the Patriots after two decades and they struggled to win with Cam Newton. The 2015 NFL MVP didn’t help the team make the playoffs. That’s why they got Jones. He showed great performance in the preseason, and Belichick decided to give him a chance in the regular season.

Patriots players didn’t mind any of this. They all like Jones and yes, they also trust his real potential. Jones led the Patriots to a single win this season, but he is doing an incredible job on the field this season. He is doing his best and Brady respects this. He just told Jones to keep the good work and keep his head up. We all know what that means.

Brady also talked to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels but we don’t know much about it either. McDaniels was working with Brady for two decades and they really respect one another.

What about Belichick? He hugged Brady for a second and that’s it. We do know that they talked in the locker room for 20+ minutes. I guess Belichick and Brady had so much to talk about.

The former Patriots quarterback enjoyed his time in New England despite the weather. It was an emotional event for him. Brady came back to Foxboro as an opponent and this must be the biggest challenge in his NFL career. Gisele and the kids left him alone so he can get ready for the big game. Yes, it was that special!