Patriots Captain Provides Blunt Answer to Question About a Position Change

At least one Patriots captain doesn’t consider a position change at this point. The New England Patriots have great cornerback position, but Stephon Gilmore’s departure was a big blow for the team. He was the Defensive Player of the Year in 2019. How will Bill Belichick handle the new change? Of course, he had to find a solution last season as Gilmore missed a big chunk due to his injury.

This leads us all the way to Devin McCourty. Some say the McCourty twin may go back to cornerback this season. We all know that he did corner before. He spent three seasons at this position and yes, he was unbelievable. How did McCourty react to this question?

The Patriots captain won’t accept a position change

Why won’t he consider changing positions? I guess this has something to do with his age. McCourty has been part of the NFL for 12 years and he will have to retire at some point. Most of the players in the league retire by the time they turn 35. McCourty has so much to offer but he wouldn’t really change positions right now.

The New England Patriots have enough cornerback positions at the moment. Of course, they may add some fresh power to the roster and boost their gameplan. Gilmore’s departure won’t affect the team but he will definitely be missed. Gilmore had a key role with the Patriots and he was of great help throughout the years. The Patriots had to let him go as both sides didn’t reach an agreement on his contract.

New England lost two strong veterans in Julian Edelman and Gilmore. Veteran presence is of great importance for NFL teams, but Belichick has enough veterans to win games. Let’s see how will McCourty contribute to the game despite all these questions.

The Patriots lost three games so far in the regular season and won one. The most recent loss happened to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady came to New England to win and he went back home with a W. Are they winning the upcoming game?