Watch: Patriots Players Warm Up For Week 6 Showdown With Cowboys

The New England Patriots warm up for the game against the Dallas Cowboys and the situation looks really good right now. The team has good chance to win this game and rookie Mac Jones will do his best to lead the team to the top.

Week 6 is an important game for the team. New England has two wins so far and they really have to win this one. Dallas has a good team. The Cowboys have excellent players and head coach Bill Belichick will have to beat a strong coaching staff. Dallas has a 4-1 record at this point. Not bad, huh?

Patriots warm up to beat the Cowboys

New England has to win this one and they will be able to do so if they limit the number of possessions that Dallas has. The offense will have to sustain drives and convert 3rd downs when these opportunities come. The Cowboys have a few holes in the front 7. Demarcus Lawrence is on injured reserve and the Patriots can pull out some crazy plays.

Fourth round rookie Rhamondre Stevenson will probably get a nice role this week.

Some would say that Micah Parsons is the favorite to get the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. That’s where the Patriots should step in. parsons is incredibly athletic and talented, and Patriots’ linebackers should stop him from taking over the game. Of course, the Patriots may take advantage of Parsons’ inexperience. Players will have to isolate him in the open field and push him in the wrong direction.

Patriots players should consider giving a bit in the run game so they can keep the Cowboys from putting up quick TDs. Amari Cooper and Ceedee Lamb are here and the Patriots will have to contain the Cowboys’ intermediate and deep passing attack so they can win this one.

Jamie Collins returns to New England for the win. He will give the team pass rush on the edge and interior. He made a huge impact on the game against the Texans and he will sure get more opportunities this time.