A Well-Timed Act of Revenge Has Suddenly Changed the Entire Outlook of the Patriots’ Season

A certain act of revenge has definitely changed the whole outlook of the New England Patriots’ season. The Patriots are now looking for their third victory in a row. They are looking pretty good which is a big change from what we saw at the beginning of the season. Mac Jones and the offense was impressive against the Los Angles Chargers. Will they be able to keep it up? Many think it depends on what they are able to do before the NFL trade deadline.

Adrian Phillips used to be a LA Charger. Now, he is coming off of his best game with the Patriots and this is an act of pretty nice revenge for Phillips. It could be a game changer for the Patriots. Now, many people are looking at the Patriots as one of the better teams in the league. Bill Belichick talked about the win.

“Wasn’t out best but we made plays that we needed make that we had to win. Alright, good job stepping up to make the good plays. We’ve got game balls here. Two guys for sure: the ex-Chargers. Hunter, where are you buddy? And AP (Adrian Phillips). Alright fellas, we starting stringing them together now. Stringing them together. We emptied the tank today. Filling it up tomorrow. Start filling it up tomorrow and head down to Carolina. That’s a damn good win. Congratulations.”

A Well-Timed Act of Revenge Has Suddenly Changed the Entire Outlook of the Patriots’ Season

He also talked kindly of rookie QB Mac Jones.

“What happened yesterday will impact some of this too,” said Belichick. “There may be a team that might be interested or might be saying, ‘Hey, we would consider a trade for this player,’ and then somebody gets hurt and then this player is not available anymore.”

“I’ve seen it as late as Tuesday at noon on the trade deadline,” he noted. “A guy you’ve never even talked about and all of sudden you’re having a conversation about him at noon or one in the afternoon saying, ‘Alright, this could be a deal here.’”

“It’s very unpredictable,” Belichick added. “We’ve talked to all the teams in the league. We know some of the players that are available, but things will change. I’m sure they did change yesterday. And we’ll follow up on those and see what happens.”