Jeanie Buss Shares a Stunning Revelation About Magic Johnson Plans to Make LA a Short-Term Stay

Jerry Buss really wanted Magic Johnson on the roster and used his pick to get the talented player. Magic was a key player on the Los Angeles Lakers roster. Jeanie Buss has been in charge of the team since 2017. She knows a lot about the team and she was actually watching her father turn the team into a power machine. Great Jeanie Buss continued the great work her father started and met a lot of great people, including Magic Johnson.

The Lakers owner appeared on The Boardroom podcast and talked about many things, including Johnson’s tenure with the Lakers. Buss revealed that Johnson didn’t plan to stay with the Lakers on the long run. The Lakers icon told Buss that he wanted to go home in Detroit and play with the hometown team. Magic had arrived at her home to meet Buss’ father and discuss his deal. Buss was shocked. She didn’t think that Johnson would ever consider leaving the Lakers.

“So I opened the door, and it was this smile that just — it was like, blinding, you know — and there was like sparkles coming off his teeth. As soon as you meet him, you’re just floored by who he is. So I bring him in, we’re having small talk. He said, he goes, ‘You know, I’m really excited that I was drafted by the Lakers, but I’m only going to stay here for three years because I want to go back home and play for my hometown team in Detroit.”

Jeanie Buss wanted to see Magic Johnson in LA

Well, Buss’ dad was convinced that Magic would stay in LA for a really long time.

“Dad goes, ‘As soon as he puts on a Laker uniform and walks out and hears that crowd, hears the cheers for him, he’s never going to leave,’” Buss added.

That’s exactly what happened. Magic Johnson became an icon and built strong legacy. Lakers fans will always remember his great performance. Magic tried his chances in the front office but decided to resign. He still follows every move the team makes though. He’s a Laker for life.