LeBron James Sends Stern Warning For Those Who Are Still ‘Questioning’ Him

LeBron James is 36 and he has a warning for those who doubt his willingness to win a few more rings. The four-time NBA champion gave everyone a big scare at the very same moment he injured his ankle. It was a minor injury though, but LeBron missed a couple of games to heal his ankle and avoid severe injuries. Head coach Frank Vogel and his assistants were careful with LeBron. The king of basketball did suit up for the last few games and led his team to a win.

Doubters better get the message LeBron James delivered and take his warning seriously

LeBron is the best basketball player of all time, but people like Skip Bayless still question his full potential. I mean, LeBron has won four rings and he is on a good way to win another one. Is this enough for Bayless? Absolutely not. He will always say that Michael Jordan is better than LeBron.

Let’s go back to LeBron’s greatness. The king delivered a big warning for the rest of the NBA and his doubters following the win over the Houston Rockets. Age has nothing on LeBron ane he has so much to offer at this point.

“I don’t surprise myself because I know how much work I put into my craft and my body and preparing myself for the game,” LeBron said. “So I’m able to go out and do some things that other people are still questioning how I’m able to still do.”

LA is on the right track at the moment. Players had a slow start to the season but things improved a lot in the last couple of weeks. Keep in mind that the team was without LeBron and a few other key players. I guess players have found a mutual language. They had to build strong chemistry and this connection will definitely help them make the playoffs this year. Beating the Cleveland Cavaliers was easy and so was the win over the Rockets. Who is next on the list? LA is ready for that and much more.