Report: LeBron James Could Be Out Much Longer Than LA is Saying

The Los Angeles Lakers will be without their leader for quite some time. LeBron James is out due to his abdominal strain. Initial reports suggested that LeBron would miss a week. Unfortunately, the four-time NBA champion may miss even more time. Lakers former head strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco has something to say.

In his most recent Instagram post, DiFrancesco explained that players need four to eight weeks to recover from a minor strain. This is a horrible scenario for the purple and gold. LeBron missed 26 games last season and the team fell to the rock bottom. Anthony Davis missed a lot of games too. Let’s hope that the Lakers won’t go through the same nightmare again.

Lakers to change the gameplan while LeBron James is out

We don’t have much information about the severity of LeBron’s injury. DiFrancesco told Bill Oram of The Athletic that LeBron may need 2-6 games to recover.

“Especially the way he plays, it’s tough for me to see him getting back under four weeks, these are such delicate injuries that can respond to rest with pain relief quickly, but they are highly susceptible to re-injury if returned too quickly.”

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel will have to make an adjustment and make the right decision for the team. His starting lineup will change significantly. According to him, LeBron was set to miss “at least a week.” Vogel really hoped that LeBron’s injury was “something that’s minimal.”

LeBron didn’t join his teammates in the loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. LA struggled on the offensive side of the ball and lost a road game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

LeBron played six games with six stars so far in his 19th season.

Skip Bayless and other LeBron doubters believe that the Lakers superstar will be even more prone to injuries later in the season. We know Bayless is not a fan of LeBron, but this is just too much. It’s a long season and LeBron is taking a good care of his body. This will probably bring him back sooner than expected.