LeBron James Responds to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Essay Criticizing COVID Spider-Man Meme Post

LeBron James heard the comments Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made about him, but he won’t really say much about this criticizing effort.

Obviously, the NBA legend got a bit angry when LeBron shared a photo of three cartoon Supermen characters named “Covid,” “Flu,” and “Cold.” According to Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron has destroyed his legacy. Yes, he did admit that LeBron is one of the greatest players in the NBA, but he couldn’t understand why LeBron posted something like this.

LeBron James heard Kareem but he is not criticizing him

Abdul-Jabbar wrote an entire essay about LeBron’s Instagram post. LeBron didn’t really respond to Abdul-Jabbar. He just explained his point of view. Is this the beginning of a new beef in the NBA? LeBron and Abdul-Jabbar have nothing but respect for one another. They respect the heaviness of their success and also appreciate the role they played in the league.

“No, I don’t have a response to Kareem at all. And if you saw the post and you read the tag, you’re literally, honestly asking, ‘Help me out?’ Help me kind of figure it all out.

“We’re all trying to figure this pandemic out. We’re all trying to figure out COVID and the new strains and the flu. I think people forgot about the flu. People literally forgot about the flu during these times. Like, that’s still going around. This is flu season. So people have forgotten about the flu. People have forgotten about common colds. That happen, especially with a lot of our kids that are in school. My daughter is in first grade so a lot of these kids are getting common colds and getting the flu.”

Kareem wants everyone in the NBA to get the COVID jab. He said it’s an important step in global prevention. Well, some players are still unvaccinated. The NBA is dealing with a surge in new cases and some games were even delayed. Many players entered the NBA’s health and safety protocols, including LeBron. His case was a big misunderstanding though. He cleared protocols and returned to the game right away.