Stephen A. Smith Wants To See Patriots Face This Team In Super Bowl LVI

The New England Patriots have a really good chance to be champions this season. Yes, they have a rookie quarterback at center, but Stephen A. Smith wouldn’t bet against them. Moreover, he wants to see the Patriots meet a strong team at Super Bowl lvl. Can you believe it?

On Thursday, Smith talked about his top five potential games for Super Bowl LVI. Guess who took the first spot?

No, he doesn’t want to see Jones against Tom Brady again. He would definitely go with the Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys game. That would be crazy. If you ask Smith, he will say that New England should beat Dallas.

“You know what I would love to see? It ain’t gonna happen. But No. 1 on the list would be … the Dallas Cowboys versus the New England Patriots,” Smith said on “First Take.” “Guess what, ya’ll? America’s Team, the Patriots, against America’s Fraudulent Team, the Dallas Cowboys.”

There’s more about the Patriots battle at Super Bowl lvl

Smith’s preferred development of events.“And guess how it would go down? Guess what my wish would be? Are you ready for this? I want a replica of when the Falcons went against the Patriots (in Super Bowl LI),” Smith said. “Dak Prescott with (Michael) Gallup, with Amari Cooper, with CeeDee Lamb, with Ezekiel Elliott, with Tony Pollard and the crew. Throw (Dalton) Schultz and (Cedrick) Wilson in there. Obviously, you’ve got Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs and DeMarcus Lawrence in there, and Dallas is destroying the New England Patriots. They go up 28-3, they’ve got a 25-point lead, and with the world going crazy thinking the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl, they collapse and drop like a bag of cheap bricks. And then end up surrendering the lead, and the Patriots, led by a rookie quarterback, (come back) from a 25-point deficit and they win the Super Bowl championship, completely destroying the Cowboys’ hopes, sending them home into the offseason completely and utterly miserable, falling short in such embarrassing and conspicuous fashion.

“That would be my dream scenario as the No. 1 matchup, because by doing so, they will establish who America’s Team truly, truly is and who it should have never, ever been.”

We’d all agree that the Patriots can challenge Dallas and even win the game. They have a 9-4 record at this point of the regular season. Players had their bye week and they are on to the Indianapolis Colts.