Bill Belichick Reaction To Mac Jones Gifting Bitcoin

Bill Belichick and Mac Jones spend a lot of time on the floor together, but they don’t know each other really well. Maybe we should say that winning games is the only interest these two share. The Patriots head coach is a mysterious guy, and we don’t know much about his private life. We know that he has a gorgeous girlfriend, Linda Holliday, and a small family. Are they engaged? We don’t know. However, we do know Belichick is not into cryptocurrencies.

Jones gifted Bitcoin to Patriots offensive linemen. It was a really good Christmas gift. I guess those guys will be super grateful for the good idea. Jones consulted experts to make the best decision for his gift. He is definitely the first NFL player to ever gift Bitcoin to his teammates. Did Belichick get the same gift for Christmas?

We don’t know. His first-rounder really likes Bitcoin. A lot of people thought that his gift was as fancy as the gift offensive linemen received. How does Belichick feel about this?

Bill Belichick to learn a lot from Mac Jones and his love for cryptocurrencies

On Monday, Belichick talked about this during his appearance on “The Greg Hill Show.”

“Yeah, no, I’m not on that,” the Patriots head coach said. Greg Hill asked, “You’re not on the crypto?” and Belichick said, “Not on Bitcoin.”

Not on Bitcoin? Maybe he is interested in other cryptocurrencies. Belichick is a smart guy and he’d have a lot of success in that aspect. Well, don’t get too excited about this. Belichick has no investment in other cryptocurrencies. He doesn’t even know what cryptocurrency is.

“Yeah, I don’t even know what cryptocurrency is,” the Patriots head coach said.

Belichick is into winning Super Bowls. He doesn’t even think about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Why would he? He is the best head coach in the NFL. Bitcoin is not his thing. Selecting future superstars is his thing. Belichick and his Patriots players have won a lot of games together. They don’t have to win in the world of cryptocurrencies.