Watch: Great Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment On Monday

Bill Belichick is super serious and we don’t really get to see him joke or laugh. That’s not how he works. He is all about business. He is all about winning. Well, we got to see a different Bill Belichick in Monday’s video press conference. Maybe it was his twin. Just kidding.

It was definitely great to see Belichick’s softer side. What’s this guy up to? First, he apologized to the media for a super-short press conference. We also saw him joke with Kendrick Bourne, Damien Harris, and Mac Jones following the win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The head coach didn’t reveal much about this sweet moment on the sideline.

Bill Belichick laughed during the press conference

Belichick laughed again. Patriots insider Phil Perry tried to ask Belichick about the elevation of wide receiver Kristian Wilkerson from the practice unit. He wanted to know more about N’Keal Harry, too. Well, baby Perry had different plans. Belichick couldn’t resist the urge to laugh again. He has already been there.

Perry apologized for the “background noise,” and Belichick pulled out a huge grin.

“No worries. I can see you’re multi-tasking here,” the Patriots head coach said.

“It’s not going real well,” Perry complained to which Belichick said, “We’ve all been there.”

We have all noticed that Belichick has been really kind to the media this season. His behavior has changed a lot. This man sympathized with a struggling father who tried to do his best on a Zoom call.

Belichick and his team have a 10-6 record at this point of the regular season. There’s one game left on the schedule and the Patriots have to win it. Beating the Miami Dolphins may be really challenging for the team, but we have a good feeling for this one.

Belichick’s great mood may be a result of the good season. He may have something great happening outside the football field. We don’t know much about his private life though. Belichick keeps his private life… private. We are fine with that. Even the media is fine with that. Patriots players seem to have embraced his approach.