LeBron James Delivers Strong Message to Lakers Teammates

LeBron James is back in the fold now, and he has a message for his Lakers teammates. The four-time NBA champion helped the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New York Knicks. It was a nice 122-115 win for the purple and gold.

LeBron watched his teammates play and his message was loud and clear. It revolves around “accountability.”

“It’s all about taking accountability for your own actions every game,” LeBron told ESPN’s Malika Andrews. “If you want change, you have to look yourself in the mirror and demand more out of yourself and it’ll trickle down to the rest of the ball club.”

LeBron has great plans for the future, delivers motivational message for Lakers teammates

Lakers players had some struggle in the first half of the game, and things changed at halftime.

LeBron is back and it’s more than obvious that his teammates missed him. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is really impressed with everything LeBron does on the basketball court.

“He’s incredible,” he said. “I guess the time off served him well. … But just played a great basketball game. His defensive competitive spirit and IQ is everything to us and the way he scores the basketball in all ways and the way he sets up teammates it’s just, it’s rare and he was special tonight. Just a great performance.”

Anthony Davis couldn’t agree more. He missed too many games due to his injury but he is back now. Having LeBron back is more than great. Davis can finally join forces with his teammate.

“It’s a hell of a return,” AD said. “He did what he did. I think he had a triple-double, right? So, he’s doing LeBron-type things. Expected nothing less from him. Efficient from the field. S–t, he did what he’s supposed to do. He helped us, for sure. So, I missed him.”

These two haven’t really played together. They both miss significant time due to their injuries. Russell Westbrook wasn’t of great help for the team and he was benched twice. LeBron didn’t discuss his benching, but this accountability thing was definitely a good lesson.