Patriots Release Newly Signed, Former LSU Standout

The New England Patriots made a lot of unpredictable moves in the offseason. They traded for a wide receiver which is not that surprising. The Patriots needed depth at the receiving unit and they also need cornerbacks. Stephon Gilmore and J.J. Jackson are no longer part of the team. Well, head coach Bill Belichick used his first-round pick to get an offensive lineman. He also selected a quarterback in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The Patriots got a few undrafted free agents, obviously, but they decided to release a standout.

Liam Shanaham won’t be part of the team in 2022. The former LSU standout was more than thrilled to join the Patriots, but Belichick had other plans. Of course, the Patriots can get him in the future. He is not a good fit for the team at the moment. Players have been in and out of the team which is good news for Shanaham.

Belichick was really busy in the offseason despite the fact that he didn’t make too many moves. Patriots owner Robert Kraft wasn’t really happy with the fact that the team missed the chance to win a championship. Again. Belichick didn’t have too many trade assets and the cap space was a bit tight.

Patriots release standout, have enough talent on the roster

What did the Patriots do? They cornerback Marcus Jones and running back Kevin Harris. Sam Roberts found his place in New England as well.

These three players have a chance to do a lot of great things with the Patriots. It’s too soon to make a prediction, but we can freely say that the Patriots got versatile players who can make huge impact on the field.

Belichick trusted Mac Jones last season and the Alabama quarterback will start with the team again. He will work with a different group of players. Selecting a quarterback put an end to Jarrett Stidham’s future with the Patriots. Stidham will now work with Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Patriots will have plenty of time to reshape and rebuild their roster. First, let’s see how things go in training camp.