Julian Edelman ‘Excited’ For Year Two Of Patriots QB Mac Jones

The New England Patriots lost Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a few years ago. It was a big blow for the team, but hey, everyone has the right to make a choice. Bill Belichick and TB12 picked theirs. The Patriots tried Cam Newton at QB, but the former MVP was cut after a year. Now they have a first-rounder leading the team. Former Patriots wideout Julian Edelman is definitely a fan of Mac Jones and his work on the football field. 

Jones is doing a really great work and his offseason was pretty busy. He is a hard working guy and yes, Patriots coaches have noticed a huge improvement. Jones is relatively young, but his skills are sharp. Imagine his dominance in a few years!

Julian Edelman supports Mac Jones

Edelman spent his entire career throwing passes to Brady. He didn’t get a chance to win games with Jones, but he sure watches “the kid” grow into a star.

Jones led the Patriots to a seven-game winning streak in 2021. That’s a nice start for a rookie quarterback, right? The Alabama prospect did better than his fellow rookies last season and he wasn’t even a top QB prospect.

Edelman heard all the comments about Jones and his second year with the Patriots. He also heard those who doubt his potential. Believe it or not, some people don’t predict a bright future for Jones.

“First offseason for a 2nd year QB is where you find out who wants to put in the work and who doesn’t. Excited for year two for the kid,” Edelman tweeted and tagged the young signal-caller.

Scott Pioli and Mike Giardi discussed Jones’ next move. According to Pioli, Jones has to work on his “go-to” target.

“What he needs to do is cultivate those relationships, deepen them so to speak, and find out who his most dependable teammates are gonna be,” Pioli said. “Who is the guy that he can count on? Because let’s remember, chemistry in football is absolutely critical. Tom Brady always had a go-to guy.”

Brady and Edelman built the strongest QB-receiver duo in league history. Jones has to work on this. He has to have a primary target, so yes, Pioli’s comments make sense.