Brian Hoyer Real First Name Has Just Been Revealed

Brian Hoyer has been part of the New England Patriots for many years, but people don’t really know his real first name. Do you know his first name?

Alex Barth from Boston Sports Hub reported that “Matthew Slater refers to Brian Hoyer as ‘Axel’ which is his actual first name.” Did you know this?

During a Monday Zoom call, the Patriots special teams ace talked about Mac Jones’ leg injury. The second-year quarterback may have to undergo an ankle injury as he deals with a “severe” high ankle sprain. If this happens, Hoyer will be the starting quarterback for the Patriots. That’s when Slater called him ‘Axel’.

“We have confidence in all the quarterbacks on our roster,” the special teams captain said. “Obviously, Coach (Bill Belichick) has them on our roster for a reason. I’ve been with Axel for 14 years. I’ve known Axel for 14 years and been a teammate of his off and on over a period of time. Got a lot of confidence in him.”

Brian Hoyer is now Alex, which is his real first name

Was this a nickname? No, it’s his real name. Hoyer’s real name is Axel Edward Brian Hoyer. Patriots fans were shocked. I mean, no one thought that Brian was actually Axel. Jones’ mentor has been around for ages and this is his real name?

Slater likes using real first names, so we are not really surprised. What about Jones? Maybe he calls him Michael. His real name is Michael McCorkle Jones, remember?

Hoyer will be making headlines for a really long time. Jones’ injury shocked the NFL world. Even rivals were disturbed by the sight of him. The young quarterback was screaming in pain on his way out of Gillette Stadium. He didn’t put any weight on his leg. His x-rays were negative, but his situation seem to be a little more complicated than expected. If Jones misses time, Hoyer will have to take full responsibility of the offense. Will he be able to lead the Patriots to the big game? That would be really impressive. Bill Belichick keeps him around for a reason.