Colin Cowherd Has Wild Take On Bill Belichick, Patriots’ Future

The New England Patriots suffered an ugly loss to the Miami Dolphins. The Fins have been luckier in these meetings and they sure added another win to their chart. Patriots fans are a bit disappointed, but hey, this is just the beginning. There’s no room for panic. NFL analysts watched the Patriots play in Florida and Colin Cowherd has something to say about Bill Belichick and his future with the team.

It’s safe to say Cowherd is really disappointed. He even said the Patriots were “unwatchable.” It was somewhat disrespectful. According to him, the Patriots weren’t just bad or struggling. They were “boring.” Oh, dear.

“They are painful. That is as bad as any offense in the NFL. They are slow… predictable… looked at times disorganized… the offensive line is not good,” Cowherd said, as transcribed by Tim Kelly of Audacy Sports. “So, again, we’re not experts. I couldn’t coach a football team. But I can see inefficiency. I can see bad. The Patriots are exactly what everybody in the media predicted.

“… But they’re not just bad. They’re slow. They are unwatchable. And frankly, as I watched that game, it was embarrassing.”

Colin Cowherd challenged Bill Belichick

Belichick believes that both teams had equal chances to win. His Patriots made a mistake, but we all learn from our mistakes. Let’s hope they won’t repeat the same failure in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“‘ll say it again. It’s one thing to struggle. Yes, it’s another to be bad. It’s another to be boring,” Cowherd said. “The Patriots are a bad watch, and Robert Kraft is a business man. I do not think it’s crazy that if the Patriots go 6-11 or 7-10, that Kraft goes into his office at the end of the year, makes him a consultant… Bill moves down to Jupiter, Florida with his girlfriend… goes and golfs and hangs out like Jimmy Johnson on a boat… maybe does some television.”

Cowherd’s comments have nothing on Belichick. He trusts his team and his future plans. Why would anyone bother talking about Jupiter or something like that? Belichick hasn’t mentioned the word ‘retirement’. He is busy leading his Patriots to a win. That’s all.