Julian Edelman Reacts to Patriots Offense In Week 1

The New England Patriots entered the 2022 NFL season with a loss to the Miami Dolphins. Head coach Bill Belichick had a chance to see his team in action. The Patriots built a strong roster in the offseason, but it seems like the offense struggled more than expected. Former Patriots wideout Julian Edelman noticed these struggles and his reaction to the Patriots offense didn’t come as a surprise.

Who made the worst mistakes? Patriots quarterback Mac Jones and offensive players didn’t eclipse 300 total yards last night. The Alabama quarterback three for 213 yards and made the red zone once. Damien Harris did 48 rushing yards and fans can’t hide their disappointment. What happened on the field? Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa threw for 270 yards and a score. Tyreek Hill had good performance, too, delivering eight receptions for 94 yards in his debut with the team. Impressive, huh? Patriots fans had similar expectations for Patriots players.

Julian Edelman warns the Patriots offense

Let’s just say Edelman was disappointed. The Patriots offense rushed for 78 yards and didn’t meet anyone’s expectations.

Greg Bedard from the Boston Sports Journal discussed the offense and David Andrews’ role with the team.

“One understated aspect of the changes that I didn’t fully comprehend until I viewed the preseason coaches film this week — I don’t think the Patriots have changed the language up front as much as they have eliminated it entirely,” Bedard wrote. “Opposing coaches remarked how the Patriots’ offensive line barely converses on plays, in games and practices. No checks. No pointing. Nothing. That was backed up on film in the Raiders game. If this continues into the season, you can’t convince me that eliminating Andrews from sorting out the protection in tandem with the QB — a staple for years here — will be a good thing for anyone. His mind is part of what makes Andrews a damn good center, and now you’re taking that away from him?”

Jones’ injury was the most shocking part of this loss. The quarterback had X-rays and will do MRI following his return to New England.