Mac Jones Sends Message To Demoted Teammate

The New England Patriots trusted Kendrick Bourne in 2021, but things went terribly wrong in the offseason. Bourne turned into an issue for the Patriots and the situation doesn’t look good at all. The Patriots lost the regular-season opener to the Miami Dolphins and Bourne made almost no impact. Quarterback Mac Jones didn’t have a press conference after the game, but he did talk about his demoted teammate in his first session with the media.

According to several sources, Bourne has issues with the Patriots coaching staff. The NFL world noticed the shift and Bourne’s former teammate Jaquiski Tartt tweeted, “Free Kendrick Bourne.” Guess what… Bourne liked it.

Mac Jones supports his demoted teammate

Jones and Bourne had an exceptional connection on the football field. The NFL media asked the quarterback about Bourne and he had a nice and clear message for his teammate.

“I think KB has to control what he can control. When he gets a chance to play or practice, just like we all do, we have try do our best that we can. He just has to continue to be himself. He’s done a good job. He’s a great teammate and we have a lot of guys on our team like that.”

Bourne is an excellent player, but he has some issues to handle. Jones is here to root for Bourne and every other struggling player on Bill Belichick’s roster.

Here’s the catch. Belichick respects Matt Patricia and trusts his skills. Some even call him ‘Belichick’s 3rd son’. Why is this important? Patricia doesn’t seem to be a fan of Bourne’s work and attitude. Tom E. Curran from NBC Sports reported that Bourne didn’t see much playing time just because Patricia decided to keep him on the sideline. I guess Patricia doesn’t like when players are late for team meetings.

Will Bourne see more action this Sunday? The Patriots will challenge the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hopefully, everything works fine between him and Patricia. It’s a tricky situation and the Patriots don’t need this problem at the sideline at this point. It’s an important season for everyone.