Rex Ryan Takes Aim At Bill Belichick After Patriots’ Week 1 Loss

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft trusted head coach Bill Belichick for so many years, but the Week 1 loss to the Miami Dolphins made people talk. Yes, Belichick said he takes full responsibility for everything that happens on the football field. He didn’t blame players or his assistants. Guess what… Rex Ryan couldn’t agree more.

Ryan used the perfect opportunity to trash the Patriots and the ugly loss to the Fins added fuel to the fire.

Bill Belichick won’t repeat the Week 1 loss

The Patriots offense was out of control throughout the entire offseason. The preseason was equally disastrous. What about the regular season? Players had enough time to improve, but it didn’t work.

Mac Jones has entered his second year with the Patriots after having a brilliant rookie campaign in New England. He is not an experienced quarterback, but let’s be honest, he wasn’t responsible for Sunday’s catastrophe. Some would blame Matt Patricia, but Ryan wouldn’t even go there. He blames Coach Belichick for each and every mistakes players made.

“It’s his decision. Every factor in that organization is Bill Belichick’s decision,” Ryan said Monday on ESPN’s “Get Up!” per sources. “He earned that right, but going back to last year, bringing in Nelson Agholor, how’s that working for you? Don’t complain about the weapons. You chose those weapons.

“Nobody can get open. … All these moves that you made, you have no weapons, one of the reasons is because you can’t evaluate them. You’ve done a poor job evaluating the weapons.”

Colin Cowherd criticized the Patriots too, calling them “unwatchable.” He said their game was boring and criticized players for being too slow.

It was an ugly start to the new season and this loss should motivate players to do better next time. Belichick and Co. will have a chance to challenge the Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday. Hopefully, the offense will avoid making similar mistakes. The Steelers would take advantage of this the way Miami players did at home. Pittsburgh has 1-0 record and Jones’ teammates should take this into consideration.