Bill Belichick Continues Lovefest With Packers Star QB Aaron Rodgers

The New England Patriots lost Week 3 to the Baltimore Ravens and now they have to play against the Green Bay Packers. Head coach Bill Belichick will coach against one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and he has nothing but words of praise for Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers caught Belichick’s eye many years ago. He is an excellent quarterback who rarely misses a chance to win games and Belichick respects his effort. The Patriots head coach had great words for Rodgers right before the upcoming game.

Belichick doesn’t talk much about players on opposing teams, but he sure has something to say about Rodgers. Greatness respects greatness, right? He had Tom Brady on the field for two decades and he still says that Rodgers did better than most players “through the years.”

“Ready to go out there and play our best football game,” Belichick told reporters. “It’s a good football team, they’re a very good situational team.”

Bill Belichick will always respect Aaron Rodgers

It was a smooth start and Belichick shocked the media with the following comments:

“I don’t think anybody is any better than Aaron Rodgers through the years. End of games, two-minute, four-minute, fo­­ur-minute ahead, two-minute behind, all those situations. One play type situations, cadence. He just takes situational football to a much higher level. We always study them and of course, we face them. We’re dealing with all the things that we studied and watched him and the Packers do going back to when Mike (McCarthy) was there. Of course now with coach (Matt) LaFleur, but it just continues to be very impressive.”

Rodgers has great words for Belichick, too. He says that coach B is the “best coach of all time.” There’s more. He called him a “living legend,” someone who has been “ahead of the game for a long, long time.” Rodgers praised Belichick’s game adjustments and everything he has accomplished over the years.

Belichick and his Patriots players are getting ready for one of the most important games of the regular season. They have so much to do and NFL analysts have shared their predictions for the game.