Patrick Beverley Went Off About Russell Westbrook Not Joining Lakers Huddle

The Los Angeles Lakers are getting ready for the season opener against the Golden State Warriors. Well, the NBA world is talking about something else. Patrick Beverley joined the wave of people who talked about Russell Westbrook and the fact that he didn’t join the huddle in the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. So, what happened on the basketball court.

“When I was in the huddle, I felt like Russ was in there with me,” Beverley said on The Pat Bev Podcast. “Obviously, people want a closed-up huddle of guys and all that, but that’s not entirely what a huddle is. He was talkin’ to the ref and he was talkin’ to the coaches also. … We told him on the plane like, ‘Hey Russ, anything you do bro, they like gon’ attack you. So like damn, I’m sorry you gotta go through that bro.’”

Patrick Beverley defends Russell Westbrook once again

Beverley and Westbrook had beef in the past, but they are teammates now. Bev stood up for his teammate once again and this is a good sign for everyone in LA. These two may do wonders together. The hate is gone and Lakers players are ready to start winning games.

A few videos of Westbrook went viral these days and Beverley talked about each and every clip. We all know that Westbrook has been doing this since forever. Why did people turn the whole thing into a mess? Beverley doesn’t mind seeing his teammate do this.

“He does that all the time,” Beverley said. “Crown heavy. Things that he’s done in his career, the places that he’s gonna end up, Hall of Fame. Crown is heavy. So that’s what comes with the territory. I told him that on the plane. It don’t faze him, but as a human, you gotta keep your sanity in this sh*t cuz you’ll kind of lose yourself. But man, mentally he’s been solid. Mentally, he’s been strong.”

Westbrook will enter the new season as a Laker and that’s the only thing that matters right now. He and Bev have a chance to win a title together. Does it get more exciting than this?