LeSean McCoy Throws Shade At Patriots Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots lost Tom Brady a few years ago and some people still talk about his role with the team. LeSean McCoy, for example, says Bill Belichick won titles just because TB12 was on his team. Brady’s departure from New England triggered a big discussion and NFL people picked a side. Should we say that McCoy picked the Brady squad?

“He’s had Tom Brady. If you take away Tom Brady, do you know what he is? He’s under .500. That’s what it is,” McCoy said on the “Up & Adams” show. “I think he was very blessed to have Tom Brady, and I think now that he doesn’t have Tom Brady, he’s like all of the other good coaches—the Marvin Lewises, the Rex Ryans. I’m just being honest. People hate for you to be real about Belichick. I think he’s a good coach, but all of ‘the greatest’ and ‘we’ve never seen anything like him,’ that’s bullcrap.”

LeSean McCoy blasted Bill Belichick two months ago

McCoy keeps saying that Brady built the Patriots dynasty. He credits the former Patriots quarterback for all the great things the team did over the years. If you ask McCoy, he will say the Patriots can’t win a title without the GOAT.

“It’s over for Belichick. It’s over,” McCoy said on FOX Sports’ SPEAK. “…I’ve never seen the Patriots pay so many guys on defense at one time. They’re doing it now that Tom is gone. It’s over. This is the real Belichick. The winning percentage, playing with Brady, is 77 percent. Without Tom Brady, you wouldn’t even guess. 47 percent. He don’t win no games without Tom Brady.

“Since Tom Brady has left, they look so regular,” he added. “Seriously though, when I watch the tape and I really watch them, they’re getting beat up front in the running game, defenders missing tackles—they look bad. They can’t do nothing on offense. Every coach in the AFC, for all of these years when they had Tom Brady, they’re saying the same thing I’m saying right now. Without Tom Brady, Belichick is a good coach. Stop with all of this he’s the greatest of all time. He’s not.”

Belichick likes his current team and trusts his skilled players. Yes, Mac Jones may not play his best football and players make mistakes on the field, but Belichick has strong team. Players are more than motivated to win and finish their season with success.