Bill Belichick Shares Exchange With Cardinals Top Star: ‘I Love You, Man’

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick respects great players and Arizona Cardinals star DeAndre Hopkins is definitely one of them. Belichick has nothing but great words for Hopkins and he had a nice exchange with the player prior to the game. Hopkins’ great skills caught Belichick’s attention long ago.

Belichick prepared his players for the game against the Cardinals and used the opportunity to talk to Hopkins. These two legends have so much in common.

Hopkins missed a chunk of the season, but Belichick and his players had to work really hard to limit him. Hopkins saw action in just seven games this season, delivering 56 receptions for 653 yards and a touchdown.

It was an expected win for the Patriots. They took advantage of the situation.

In his pregame session with the media, Belichick talked about the game and praised Hopkins athleticism and skill set. He admires his strength and the ability to make a catch.

“He’s got tremendous ball skills. He catches everything, has great hands, and he’s long so he’s never covered. Even if he’s covered, there’s a place where the ball can be that he can get it and still make the catch,” Belichick said. “He’s every bit as good as anybody I’ve ever coached against.”

Belichick met the Cardinals star on the field

The Patriots head coach cracked a joke and yes, cameras caught every minute of his conversation with Hopkins.

“I’m glad we only have to play you every four years, man,” Belichick told Hopkins, who replied, “I love you, man.”

“You too, you too,” Belichick responded. “What a career you’re having. You missed half the season – still gonna lead the league in receiving.”

”You know I do my job, man. Trying to get better,” Hopkins replied.

Seeing these two talk made some really cool headlines these days. It was a big W for the Patriots and now they have to prepare for their next opponent. Will the Patriots make the big game this season?