Patriots Jerod Mayo Will Get Important New Title In Team Shakeup

The New England Patriots didn’t have much luck in the 2022 NFL season. Team owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick aren’t happy with the results of their offseason calculations. Several sources reveal that the Patriots are willing to make huge staff changes. Jerod Mayo will have a new title within the Patriots organization and the same applies to other assistants.

NFL analyst Scott Zolak discussed the Patriots shakeup in a recent episode of the 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak & Bertrand Show. According to him, the Patriots will get a new offensive coordinator. The Patriots are also willing to give Mayo a bigger role in order to keep him in the organization.

“To what I said Wednesday, assistant head coach,” Zolak said. “I think he’ll be named assistant head coach. Dante Scarnecchia was assistant head coach, I think, up until 2013. When Dante first stepped away from the game, then he didn’t get the title again. But for a long stretch there, I think for over ten years, he was assistant head coach. So Bill’s given the title before.”

Jerod Mayo expected to do wonders with his new title

It’s a huge role for Mayo, but he is an excellent coach and the Patriots will definitely find great use for his experience. Mayo will have a lot of responsibilities and he may be the right person to take this job.

“You probably have to meet with Bill,” Zolak detailed. “You have to talk about all three different units, offense, defense, special team, just in the case of an emergency because then you become the guy. Here’s the way I like to see things run. Give you a little peek into what we’re doing here, maybe bring you into some personnel meetings, I don’t know. But I don’t think it’s just the title. I think you actually got to put more in charge, you know, as far as you got to see the way you’re going to run all three groups here just in case something would happen to me. You’re the next guy. You’re my hand-picked next guy in charge. That’s the way this thing’s going to go.”

The Carolina Panthers wanted Mayo, but he declined their request for an interview.