Patriots’ Mac Jones Accused Of Having ‘Affluenza’

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones had a good first season with the team, but some say he suffers from Affluenza at the moment.

Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder criticized the second-year quarterback. Jones was brilliant last season, but he has some issues this time. NFL coaches have criticized Jones for his performance and some even believe that the Patriots are better off without him. Jones missed time and Bailey Zappe was great on the field. What’s next? Let’s just say Jones isn’t playing his best game this season.

The Patriots quarterback threw 11 touchdown passes this season. He threw 22 last season and fans are a bit worried about him. Jones’ yards per game went down this season. Will the Patriots keep him around this time?

Does Mac Jones really suffer from Affluenza?

Crowder didn’t mince any words and took a shot at Jones. He accused the Patriots QB in an interview with Colin Cowherd on “The Herd.”

“I heard you talking earlier [in the show] about the Mac Jones body language,” Crowder said to Cowherd. “It’s called Affluenza. [If] you’ve been given too much, you have too much money, you’re a little different. I was around a bunch of rich dudes growing up and I played with rich guys. They just have this little demeanor and you know it gets to you. You brought up Jay Cutler. I would bring up Josh Allen in this conversation. Kyler Murray was a trust fund baby.”

Merriam-Webster has the best definition.

“The unhealthy and unwelcome psychological and social effects of affluence regarded especially as a widespread societal problem: such as: feelings of guilt, lack of motivation, and social isolation experienced by wealthy people.”

So, Affluenza isn’t a mental disorder and Christopher J. Ferguson from Time said it was “junk science.”

Let’s see how things unfold. Jones is a good player and he deserves another chance. Bill Belichick got him for a reason and he will probably do his best to keep him around for a while. Will he have better performance next season?