Lakers Get Another Pat Bev Potshot After LeBron James Taunt

Patrick Beverley enjoyed every bit of his game against the Los Angeles Lakers. He was super hyped to beat his former team. Imagine his enthusiasm on the floor. Pat Bev teased Lakers players, talked trash, and even took a shot at LeBron James.

The Bulls celebrated a 118-108 win over the Lakers. Beverley delivered 10 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds in the game. He didn’t forget the “too small” celebration on his former teammate and also held his nose. A typical Pat Bev attitude.

“I do it to everybody,” Beverley said after the game. “I was just having fun, getting lost in the game. We’re not construction workers. We’re not guys who have to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Professional basketball players. It’s all about having fun. That’s what I tried to do.”

Pat Bev frustrated about LeBron, Lakers

Let’s go back to his Charmin tweet. Beverley shared a photo of himself holding Charmin toilet paper. It was a clear shot at the Lakers. Well, Beverley had the perfect excuse for the “gesture”.

“I got paid a ton of money to post something,” Beverley said. “And I was late posting it, like, a week ago, so I didn’t want the window to close. Good timing? Bad timing? Whatever the f—, I don’t know. I’m not out here trying to troll anybody. I’m out here to be a basketball player. I’ll let you guys do all that.”

Beverley is still frustrated. He didn’t enjoy his time in LA. According to him, the team didn’t get the best of it.

“If I’m a spoon, (coach) Billy (Donovan) is using me as a spoon. With the Lakers, I was a spoon and they were using me as a fork. It’s just different,” Beverley said. “But I’m fortunate that the Bulls called during the trade. I don’t want to let the city down. And obviously Billy and my players and this coaching staff, I don’t want to let them down. Just try to play the game the right way.”