Patriots Fans Express Frustration Over ‘Pathetic’ Jonnu Smith Trade

Head coach Bill Belichick is determined to reshape his roster after a disappointing 2022 season. The New England Patriots didn’t come any closer to the Super Bowl. It was more than obvious that the team had to make changes. Jonnu Smith was among the first to go, but Patriots fans weren’t too happy about his trade.

New England agreed to trade Smith to the Atlanta Falcons. It’s interesting to note that Belichick agreed to trade his player for a seventh-rounder in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. Ian Rapoport confirmed the transaction.

Belichick paid a lot of money to get Smith, but the tight end struggled to fit in the Patriots roster. New England offered him a two-year deal worth $50 million. Smith is a spectacular player, but the team didn’t see any of his explosiveness on the field. In his 30 games as a Patriots tight end, Smith had 55 receptions for 339 yards and a score. Belichick wanted more than that.

Patriots fans are unhappy with the outcome of the Jonnu Smith trade

If you ask Belichick’s fanbase, these guys will say that the Patriots should get more than a seventh-round pick. Most of them will agree that this move is ‘pathetic’.

“We should’ve gotten a third round pick, not seventh. Is that all we got? Horrible deal,” a Twitter user wrote. “I would’ve asked for a third and fourth or second to the fourth.”

Well, there were guys who saw the best in this situation. Belichick has enough cap space to add new players who can actually fit in his system.

“Thank GOD this opens up some more cap space and they’ll like pick a TE at some point in the draft,” a fan wrote.

“Holy W cant believe they were willing to take on his contract,” another fan wrote.

Smith is out and Jonathan Jones is in. Jones wanted to play with the Patriots and Belichick will give him another chance. Let’s see how this goes. The Patriots have to work hard to improve their current roster.