Jakobi Meyers Replacement Viewed As Patriots ‘Most Dangerous’ Newcomer

The New England Patriots lost Jakobi Meyers in free agency, but it seems like the team has found the perfect replacement.

Kristopher Knox from Bleacher Report says that JuJu Smith-Schuster is the “most dangerous” newcomer for the Patriots. According to Knox, Smith-Schuster is really close to becoming a top receiver for the Patriots.

Meyers had a big role with the Patriots in 2022. He attracted the attention of several teams in the NFL and ended up signing for the Las Vegas Raiders. Yes, Meyers will join forces with Josh McDaniels. They have a history together ant this could put the Patriots in a really uncomfortable position.

Losing Meyers could be a big blow for the Patriots, but they have Smith-Schuster. The talented player is the best replacement for Meyers and he could do wonders on the football field.

“Smith-Schuster can also play on the perimeter or in the slot, which will provide some options for new offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien and the Patriots passing attack,” Knox said.

Smith-Schuster has great experience and he is an incredibly versatile player. Belichick appreciates versatile players and he signed Smith-Schuster for a really good reason. Having him around could be of great help for Mac Jones and the Patriots offense.

Meyers replacement could help the Patriots win

Jones struggled in his second season with the Patriots. These struggles could easily push him to No.2 position. Smith-Schuster can change that. He is someone who opens quickly and runs great yards.

The newcomer could be motivated by Meyers

Bill O’Brien joined the Patriots and his arrival could be of great help for the team. He has the experience New England needs to make the Super Bowl after the long drought. Let’s see what happens this offseason. Belichick has a lot of new players to work with. Will the new guys fit in the game plan? Will O’Brien create the perfect playbook?

Jones, Smith-Schuster and other Patriots players will have to do their best in training camp, otherwise they can easily lose their jobs.