Patriots Robert Kraft Names The Most Difficult NFL Division

The New England Patriots have faced too many tough opponents over the years. They have had success against most teams in the NFL. Bill Belichick, his staff, and players built a dynasty and won six titles in the last two decades. Things got messy in the last few years and the team had trouble making the big game. NFL analysts listed several factors, but team owner Robert Kraft is more interested in talking about the toughest NFL division.

Tom Brady played a big role for over 20 years. He led the Patriots to a win almost every season and the team was a dominant force in the AFC East. Brady is gone now and Belichick is trying to build a strong team. He has tried several quarterbacks in the post-Brady era and Mac Jones will probably stay on this position for a while. The Patriots had to face many obstacles in the last few years and it was hard. They didn’t make the Super Bowl since the big win in 2018.

Kraft and his team plan to dominate the division again

Facing the Buffalo Bills was probably the worst nightmare for talented rookies. According to Kraft, the AFC East is the most difficult division in the NFL. All teams are packed with talent which makes things a little hard for Belichick and his team.

“I think we have the most difficult division in the NFL, the best balance of teams — all the other three teams are good,” he said, via ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “So we’ll have our challenges. But I’m really hopeful about this team.”

The Patriots will have to get ready for another tough season. The Bills will probably stand in their way again. They gave Belichick a big headache last season. The same goes to the Miami Dolphins. They grabbed a bunch of Patriots players and even tried to copy the Patriots’ scheme. Did it work? Sort of. Now they have Aaron Rodgers. So, yes, the Patriots will have to work really had to dominate the division again.