Lakers LeBron James Reacts To Highlight Video Of Youngest Son Bryce

LeBron James is a proud father of three and we can easily say that his kids got his basketball genes. Both Bronny and Bryce Maximus have shown great dominance on the basketball court. LeBron never misses a chance to praise his boys, and he definitely had something to say about his son Bryce regarding his most recent highlight video.

Bryce will definitely make headlines in the future. His jump is strong and LeBron supports him 100%. He even said the kid has the best jump in the James household.

The four-time NBA champion took notice of a highlight video of Bryce and his comment says it all.

“No substitute for hard work! Keep going Maximus! Only the beginning!”, LeBron wrote.

We couldn’t agree more. Bryce is slowly making a name for himself and this has nothing to do with the fact that he is LeBron’s son. The kid shows insane skill set every time he hits the basketball court. He works really hard to show such great results and we all know that LeBron respects hardworking players. Bryce learned from the best after all.

LeBron praised each highlight video of his son Bryce

Bryce moved from Sierra Canyon High School to Notre Dame. It was a decision he made and he sure asked his dad for an advice. LeBron wants the best for his kids and this transfer didn’t come as a surprise to basketball fans. Bryce will get to play in a strong high school basketball program and this is the perfect opportunity for him to flash his real talent.

LeBron always talks about his kids and their practice. He revealed that they get up really early to practice. Bryce and Bronny grew up in the spotlight, but they both work really hard to show the world that they will be top NBA players one day. LeBron will be here to lead their way and would love to see them pass him on all-time lists.

When it comes to the Lakers superstar, he is gearing up for another strong season.