Patriots’ Quarterback Malik Cunningham To Get ‘Significant’ Role Per Insider

The New England Patriots lost their fifth game in the regular season, but the team is definitely paying attention to someone special on the roster. Malik Cunningham is an undrafted rookie who can do both quarterback and wide receiver and the Patriots actually have a special role for him. He got a three-year deal with the Patriots after spending some time on their practice unit.

Jeremy Fowler from ESPN discussed Cunningham’s situation with the Patriots and the chance to see him in Mac Jones’ position.

“It wasn’t a throwaway transaction,” Fowler wrote. “I am told the coaches are discussing ways to work Cunningham into the game plan in a somewhat significant way, possibly as early as this week against Buffalo. The Patriots thought they put forth a better effort Sunday against the Raiders, but they still lost the game and are looking for a lot more from the quarterback position than what Mac Jones is giving them.”

Cunningham to show his skills in a different role

The Patriots planned to use Cunningham to fill the void in their receiving unit, but plans may have changed. Belichick benched Jones twice so far in the regular season. The head coach is viewing his options right now and we wouldn’t rule out any possibility.

“Anything’s possible, but we’re a ways away from that being a consideration,” Fowler wrote. “What Cunningham could give the Pats is a little bit of a different look at the position, mixing in some quarterback runs and moving the pocket to help diversify and expand the passing game. Again, this is all still hypothetical at this point, because the Patriots are still not entirely sure what the rookie is capable of doing at the NFL level at this point.”

Belichick never said he was going to replace Jones as a starting quarterback. Josh McDaniels said Jones is showing just a piece of what he is capable of. One thing stands for sure. The Patriots will be really careful with their quarterback position and may take a different route this time.