LeBron James Gives Vague Answer About Changes Lakers Need To Make

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a horrible loss to the Philadelphia 76ers and it was a really disappointing night for the purple and gold. LeBron James and his Lakers teammates looked good until now, but the four-time NBA champion knows that head coach Darvin Ham and the front office have to make big changes.

LeBron was far from happy following the 94-138 loss. Reporters asked him what changes they need to make to avoid another disaster. He said, “a lot.”

Reporters kept asking the same question and LeBron provided the same answer.

The four-time NBA champion played less than 30 minutes, delivering 18 points on 8-for-12 shooting, five assists, one steal, and one block. It wasn’t his best night for him and his team.

“I don’t know how a team [should react],” LeBron said when asked how an NBA team should react to such a disappointing loss. “I can only speak for myself. Don’t like it.”

The Lakers struggles with their 3-point shot and LeBron knows it. His team went 7-for-28 from deep and the Philadelphia 76ers went 22-for-46.

“We got killed on the three-point line today,” LeBron added.

LeBron and the Lakers have to make changes, improve chemistry

The Lakers had a chance to win the game and even had a two-point lead in the first quarter. They failed to get the best of their lead and lost the game. Patrick Beverley and his teammates had a 13-point lead by the end of the frame.

Anthony Davis was visibly disturbed as well. His team didn’t do a good job and they weren’t “together.”

“We just wasn’t together,” Anthony Davis said of the Sixers’ run. “A lot of quick shots, no-pass shots, one-pass shots. Then they start making a lot of shots. And now, when the lead kind of opened up a little bit – 15 to 20, 25 – we all try to be the hero to make the team come back instead of just sticking with it. I think that’s what kind of happened tonight.”