What Bill Belichick Told Patriots’ Josh Uche Amid Trade Rumor

The New England Patriots are in the middle of a bad season and the organization will make great changes heading into the offseason. Some players will have to go and quarterback Mac Jones could be one of them. Well, there were trade rumors related to Josh Uche as well and he had an interesting conversation with head coach Bill Belichick.

The fourth-year linebacker shared some details of his conversation. The Patriots decided to keep him around despite the speculation about his departure.

“It was an interesting situation,” Uche said in his interview with Mike Reiss. “It was the first time I really had some open, transparent dialogue with Bill. He was very honest. Kept things very real with me.

“He told me they want me here. He told me teams that were interested and things like that. We had that discussion and I was kept in the loop the whole time, knew what was going on. It was smooth. So I guess on the outside it can seem like chaotic, but I feel like Bill did a great job, at least with me, communicating what was going on.”

Belichick wanted to keep Uche around

The Patriots will try to improve their roster in the offseason. Some players will have to part ways with the team. Uche’s position is safe for now and he will stay with the team for a while. He is prone to injuries and struggled to play his best football this season. The linebacker was brilliant in 2022 and Patriots coaches hoped to see a similar performance in 2023.

Uche would love to stay with the Patriots for a few more seasons. He could sign another deal with the team, but it is up to the Patriots to make a decision on his future with the team. Uche is 25 and has a lot to offer at this point despite his history of injuries. Will Belichick give him another chance? Will Belichick be the one to make this decision in 2024?