Pittsburgh Steelers Bold Predictions For Week 14 Thursday Night Football Vs. Patriots

The New England Patriots have a 2-10 record at this point of the regular season. It’s a really frustrating season for every member of the organization. No one can hide their disappointment. Head coach Bill Belichick sat on the hot seat early in the season and nothing has changed. A great number of analysts discuss his potential firing, but the Patriots head coach pays zero attention to outside noise. The Patriots are now getting ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers and that’s the only topic Belichick is willing to talk about right now.

This is one of the most exciting games of the season for the Steelers. Patriots players will try their best to prepare for the game and avoid doing the same mistakes again.

Pittsburgh players will be without their starting quarterback Kenny Pickett which makes things a little easier for Belichick and his players.

Here are several predictions for the game between the Patriots and Steelers:

Mitchell Trubisky struggles in the Week 14 against Patriots

Patriots have a good defense right now. Players were able to hold opponents to 10 points or less for three straight games.

Trubisky is a competent player, but he hasn’t seen much action in the last few seasons. Experts predict that he will throw a couple of interceptions.

Backup players hit great plays to Diontae Johnson and George Picksens

Pittsburgh players have to work on their run-game. Trubisy could do throw great passes to George Pickens and Diontae Johnson.

Steellers defensive players dominate the game

Experts predict that the Steel Curtain may push the Patriots into another loss. Steelers defensive players may have a few sacks, interceptions, and a win.

Steelers celebrate a 13-o win over the Patriots

The Steelers hold the No.5 seed in the AFC Wild Card race. They need this win to improve their chances for a playoff victory. This win would secure the Steelers’ spot.