New Details Released Surrounding Patriots’ ‘Toxic’ QB Room

The New England Patriots seem to be dealing with a really big problem in the locker room. According to recent reports, the Patriots QB unit is toxic and the situation is a lot worse than expected.

Mac Jones started games for the Patriots in the last three years. He was benched on multiple occasions and Bailey Zappe stepped in as his replacement. Was this enough? Jones’ obvious struggles damaged his reputation in the NFL. Zappe may not be the ideal solution for the team.

Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated covered the “toxic” quarterback room in his mailbag article. Newly-assigned Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo will have to find a solution to the problem.

“The quarterback room [Jones] was in the last two years got toxic, to the point where Bailey Zappe, as a rookie, sometimes watched tape in the receiver room,” wrote Breer on February 14. This response came to a questions about Jones’ status as a starting quarterback in 2024.

Patriots head coach Mayo to handle the toxic QB room

Jones had a terrible performance in 2023. He didn’t look like the player Bill Belichick selected three years ago. He was an excellent rookie, but something changed.

“It’s really hard to live down your history with an NFL team, and Jones’s with the New England Patriots is not good,” Breer wrote. “He was drafted 15th and hasn’t come close to living up to his slot. He was good as a rookie, and regressed badly since.

“That’s a lot of wounds. Some self-inflicted, some not, to try and heal, and wounds that Jerod Mayo saw surface with his own eyes as a Patriots assistant. You can’t snap your fingers and make that history disappear with coaches and staff. ”

Breer has a great plan for the Patriots quarterback. According to him, Jones should bring his stint with the Patriots to an end and become a backup quarterback somewhere else. This would give him enough time to sharpen his skills and rebuild his reputation.