Lakers Officials Claim Team Didn’t Make Trade Deadline Move Due To Season Being ‘Beyond Salvation’

The Los Angeles Lakers decided to stay quiet at the trade deadline. They didn’t make any moves and continued their season with the same squad. It was a risky move, but the Lakers made a decision.

According to some members of the franchise, the front office didn’t trade for new players because the 2023-24 NBA season was “beyond salvation.” That’s what some members thought in February.

Anthony Irwin from Lakers Daily was among the first to report it.

It makes sense now. Jarred Vanderbilt was already injured and the front office thought they had lost him for the season. Losing him to an injury was a big blow for the team and there was little to no hope for them.

“Some within the organization have even explained that the Lakers’ inactivity at the deadline was due in part to thinking this season was beyond salvation after his injury — which they considered season-ending at the time,” Irwin wrote.

Lakers made a decision at the trade deadline

It’s interesting to note that some analysts still believe that Vanderbilt will miss the remainder of the season. The same goes to Gabe Vincent and Christian Wood. Well, head coach Darvin Ham said that Vincent is already practicing. Wood will undergo a procedure, but we don’t have a timeline for his return.

The Lakers may have taken a totally different approach this time. They made a lot of moves last season and signed a bunch of moves. It seemed like a good decision as the team made the Western Conference Finals. Moving forward without any additional signings and trades could be part of the plan. Did the Lakers actually need a boost? They have a few injured players, but the team is still winning games. Wasting picks and assets didn’t seem like a good plan in the February. The only thing we can do right now is sit and watch them finish the season. Will they make the NBA Finals this postseason?