Lakers’ LeBron James Goes Viral After Flagrant 1 Elbow To Wizards Deni Avdija’s Head

 LeBron James has been making headlines from the very first moment he entered the NBA. Fans and analysts always speculate about his next move, investment, or future plans. We all know that LeBron is full of surprises. He is the best to ever play the game and this is his 21st NBA season. The Lakers superstar joined the Lakers to win a few more titles, but things didn’t go as planned in the last few seasons. LeBron and his teammates didn’t have trouble winning some of their last games and went against the Washington Wizards last night. At one point of the game, LeBron earned a Flagrant 1 and fans went crazy.

LeBron’s elbow ended in Wizards Deni Avdija’s face. It was ugly and fans were really surprised. No one expected to see LeBron do this. He rarely does it. I guess he and his teammates wanted to beat their Eastern Conference opponents.

LeBron surprised fans with a flagrant 1 foul

The incident caused quite a stir on social media. Fans had hilarious reactions and most of them discussed the face LeBron made after the call.

“King James keeps giving us something to see and smile…You can’t get tired of this guy!” one fan added.

Other fans mentioned Draymond Green, suggesting that he’d be proud of LeBron’s flagrant 1. They made guesses on the sentence Green would have received if he elbowed Avdija.

“Draymond do that, they expel him,” the fan said on X.

The Lakers added another win to their chart. They celebrated a 125-120 win over the Wizards and have a 44-33 record at this point of the regular season.

The flagrant 1 foul is not the only topic fans discuss. LeBron dropped some hints about his potential retirement. He won’t be playing the game forever, but it may be too soon to call it career. His game is sharper than ever, but he will have to retire at some point. NBA analysts bet on a couple more seasons. Will the GOAT retire in 2026?