Patriots Called Out For ‘Money Grab’ Involving QB Legend Tom Brady

The New England Patriots will honor Tom Brady with an induction ceremony at Gillette Stadium. Team owner Robert Kraft promised to honor the best quarterback of all time with a great ceremony, adding that a halftime celebration wasn’t quite enough. Well, some fans didn’t bite into this one and called the whole Brady ceremony a “money grab”.

If you are interested in attending the great ceremony on June 12, you will have to spend $100 for your seat. Adam Jones from WEEI had something to say about the price fans are required to pay.

“A hundred dollars is gross,” Jones said during the “Jones & Mego with Arcand” show on Wednesday. “This just feels like a money grab on the good times.

“It’s just another opportunity to fill your stadium on the back of Tom Brady. That’s all it is.”

Brady earned his spot in the Hall of Fame after all these years. He helped the Patriots set up a strong dynasty. Brady and the Patriots made nine Super Bowl trips and won six championships. He was a true leader in New England and fans enjoyed watching him win.

Patriots accused of “money grab”, trying to earn on Brady again

Jones criticized the Patriots for the price of their seats. He reminded them that they haven’t accomplished much without Brady. He left the team to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won a ring in his first season with the new team.

“You guys haven’t accomplished a thing on your own. You haven’t done anything without Tom Brady, and now you need Tom Brady for another money grab?” Jones added. “To me, that just feels gross — the word I keep going back to.”

The Patriots are coming out off of a disappointing season. They reshaped the entire roster and have yet to find a franchise quarterback. Fans are slightly disappointed and the organization may be trying to fill seats, per Christian Archand from WEEI.

“I understand what you’re saying about not wanting to fill the pockets of the Krafts after all of this,” Arcand said on the show. “But I do think that looking at this next season, you’re not going to see that place banged out in every home game.

“So that’s one more statement the fans can make because yeah, ‘we’re here for Brady and we love him, but we’re not all in with you and we’re going to show that to you during the season.'”