Patriots Predicted To Draft ‘Next Trent Williams’ After 5-Pick Vikings Trade

The New England Patriots have to fill a few holes on their roster in order to move on with a full force. They enter the most challenging season in team history and Jerod Mayo will have to create a winning scheme. He will replace Bill Belichick as a head coach and he is already determined to make big changes. The Patriots cut ties with some of their players and brought new names to New England. According to sources, the Patriots can also agree to a trade with the Minnesota Vikings.

Ian Valentino from The 33rd Team discussed a potential scenario that could bring “the next Trent Williams” in New England. Amarius Mims seems like a good option for the Patriots. The Vikings would get the third overall pick and a third-rounder in the 2025 NFL Draft so they can get the 11th and 23rd overall in the draft and a first-rounder in the 2025 NFL Draft.

Valentino expects the Patriots to use their pick in order to get Mims. He is “the best pure talent in the class along the line but has limited experience (802 career snaps).” Valentino even adds that Mims could be the next Trent Williams if he maintains high health.

Patriots can turn the Vikings trade into a realistic scenario

The Patriots need to find a quarterback. Mac Jones is already gone and the team doesn’t have a strong option at this position. Valentino claims that the Patriots need to “be patient and play the board.” If they make a trade, they can use the 23rd overall pick and get Texas wide receiver Adonai Mitchell.

There’s more. The Patriots will have to make another trade move in order to get a signal-caller. They can send 34th and 137 overall to the Kansas City Chiefs and get their 32nd pick. This would help them get Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr.

This is a really complex scenario for the Patriots, but they can definitely pull it out. Let’s see what happens in the first days of the upcoming draft.