Patriots Legend Matt Light Shares Hilarious Bill Belichick Email Exchange

Matt Light worked with Bill Belichick for 11 years. It was a wild run for the talented player and Light earned three rings. He spent a lot of time with Belichick and yes, knows him really well.

Belichick is no longer part of the Patriots, but he is most certainly the best head coach in NFL history. He has his own way of doing things and NFL coaches can’t really copy his mechanism. Some players couldn’t cope with the Patriot Way either. There were no days off and Belichick was serious about winning.

Current and former Patriots players made a lot of great memories with Belichick. They all have stories to share and so does Light.

Belichick neutralized Light

Light joined 2018 Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman on the “Games With Names” podcast and talked about his time with Belichick. One particular exchange caught everyone’s attention. It happened before the start of the 2007 NFL season.

The exchange was actually an email conversation with Belichick. Light was in Hawaii and communicated the former Patriots head coach.

The email looked like a prank message from Dan Koppen. It wasn’t. It was an email from Belichick. He had reached out to share his thoughts on Light talking about the value of offseason programs all while missing it to fly to Hawaii.

Light did an effort to defend himself, but it didn’t work. Belichick was unimpressed and that’s exactly what he wrote in the email exchange with Light.

Patriots players had a brilliant season and won 18 straight games. They did lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants though.

Belichick knew how to keep everything and everyone under control and it worked for over two decades. He left the team and his legacy is still here to remind everyone that they should do their job.