Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Allegedly Want Another Baby — Get the Details!

The Brady-Bundchen plan keeps surprising us with every day goes by. They’re cute and we love them! Just wait for the best part… Tom and Gisele will probably have another baby, and they are super excited about expanding their little family.

The football star and the Brazilian supermodel are joining their forces and good genes. They have been married for nine years, and have a boy and a girl. Vivian is 5, and Benjamin is 9. Tom has another son from his previous relationship, the 11-year-old John. How will the new baby fit in this story? Perfectly!

Tom and his wife plan to expand the family because his mother has a mysterious disease. “Galynn’s been battling with a mystery illness for over a year now and it’s not looking good,” said a source close to the family.

“[Tom and Gisele] do want more kids but had put No. 3 on the backburner. Now they’ve rearranged everything so they can produce another grandkid for Galynn before the end of the year,” the source added.

It’s pretty sad that Tom’s mother is dealing with such a terrible disease. It’s more that certain that the new baby will bring joy to the family. Galynn missed a big part of Tom’s games, and she never does that.

“It’s been a challenging year for my family, just for some personal reasons,” Tom said as he opened up about his lovely mom.

Tom lead the Patriots to the grand victory, and he will sure like to celebrate another victory.

We hope that Tom’s mom will manage to fight the disease.

“Tom was working hard with the Patriots but every day when he came home from training he be would 100 percent committed to spending quality time with Gisele and the children,” Gisele’s father, Valdir, commented on the couple.

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