Tom Brady Opens Up About His Future With Patriots

Tom Brady is in the center of all events, and things got super exciting after the fifth Super Bowl win. The New England Patriots quarterback talked about his career, and the reasons for his next decisions.

“I mean, I know next year’s not going to be my last year. You know, I take care of myself for a reason,” Brady said during his podcast with MMQB’s Peter King.

He talked about the way he understands football, adding that he really has figured out the game of football. Brady also noted that this is not the right moment to walk away. “I’ve got the answer to the test now. You can’t surprise me on defense. I’ve just seen it all,” Brady said.

Tom Brady has done so much for the world of football. He accomplished a lot, and we really want’t to know more about his future plans. “I’d like to play until my mid 40’s, and then I’ll make a decision. If I’m still feeling like I feel today, who knows?” Brady said.

We also don’t know if Brady will go for his last run in a Patriots uniform.

“I’d hate to go play for another coach and I never want to go play for another owner, but this is professional sports. I’ve seen so many of my best players I’ve played with on other teams. I’ve seen Jerry Rice, you know, play for the Raiders. I’ve seen Joe Montana play for the Chiefs. I mean, I’ve seen Brett Favre play for a lot of teams, so you never know,” Brady explained.

Brady has a lot more to offer, and we’re waiting to see the best of his game. We can only hope that he will make good choices. That’s what all fans hope for, and that’s what Brady aims for.

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