Tom Brady and Family Ride Donkeys During Vacation On Exotic Island

Tom Brady is all about adventures, and no, we’re not even thinking of his football game. The New England Patriots quarterback knows how to amuse everyone, including his loved ones. This time they’re all about the Jurassic World. Wow. Can you imagine seeing Tom Brady riding a donkey? Me neither.

So, Tom Brady is living his awesome life, and his best adventure includes donkeys. Yes, even serious guys know how to have fun. The same applies to professional athletes.

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We never thought that Brady would be interested in exploring the prehistoric times. You know, cavemen and stuff?
The best quarterback of all times took his family on a vacation, and this particular photo that attracted everyone’s attention. It seems like the family is on a vacation in the wild. This place looks like dino’s home, and we love it! So did Brady.


We don’t have much info on the exact location of Brady’s vacation, but some fans believe it’s something associated with the scenery of the Jurassic World movies. Is this even possible? Is there some thing behind this vacation? Maybe Brady is looking forward to a role in another part of Jurassic World. That would be fun to watch.

Brady is enjoying life, and his family enjoys every minute spent with him. People talk how Brady took his family to South Africa or Brazil. You don’t really see such scenery in the USA. Our bet is Brazil, because Gisele grew up there. Going back to your roots is always nice, and maybe that’s why Gisele has so much fun, as shown in the pictures.

We’ll wait for more details on Brady’s vacation, and it will probably hit the headlines. Again. Tom Brady always finds his way to top news, and this vacation is no exception. Let’s just wait and see.

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